Presentation Candles


Presentation Candles

Our boxed wedding candle

These beautiful candles are a great way to remember important life events, like:

  • Weddings (or engagements),
  • Baptisms,
  • First Communion (Roman Catholic),
  • Funeral or Memorial.

We can supply these candles as:

  1. Blank candles, where you decorate it yourself ($10 plus shipping)
  2. Generic design, not personalised – like the baptism candle displayed on this page ($15 plus shipping)
  3. Personal design with the person and event details ($20 plus shipping)
  4. Personal design, boxed by our local florist – like the wedding candle displayed on this page ($30 plus shipping)
One of our generic baptism candle designs


We have templates for personalised candles, but you are free to supply your own design. We retain the right to refuse if we deem the design inappropriate. The cost is the same as the personal design options above (options 3 and 4).  The dimensions of the design must stay within our specifications, which we can supply on request.

These candles are made white and unscented. The palm wax sets with a beautiful pattern running through it.

Some people use these candles as a keepsake, and to not light them.  Others do light them, often in a church service. The palm wax melts slower than many other candles, and in the duration of a church service a new candle will not melt beyond the dome top.  A strong wind environment (eg from a fan) can change this.

Some couples (wedding) or families (baptism) get these candles for themselves, but they also make an inexpensive yet personal gift. We have heard about our wedding candles being placed on a few bridal tables at wedding receptions.


In order to keep our candles as clean as possible, there are no additives in the wax to handle excessive sunlight.  You should not store these candles where they will get direct sunlight in them regularly or for any extended time, or they will discolour.