I Have a Dream!

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range_plus_wayneDo you have inspirational dreams? I have one.

I know that candles don’t change the world, at least not by being candles. Compassion Candle change the world, because Compassion Candle profits are used to support children in extreme poverty.

My dream is that Compassion Candles will be ordered all over Australia, by people and churches. I especially dream of our presentation candles and Advent candles being ordered from all over Australia because

  1. they are that good, and
  2. I want churches all over Australia getting excited that their humble candles are making the world a better place.

I dream of churches all over Australia using our candles for baptisms and Advent, and telling the story of fighting poverty as they do.

I dream of wedding celebrants and churches using our wedding candles for the couples they marry, telling the story of fighting poverty as they do.

Do you have a way to join that dream?  Why not do it and help change the world for some children?