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Compassion Candles is a mission project of Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church.

We don’t operate as an automated online shop. However if you are making a purchase from us and you’d like top pay online, this is a way you can do it.  On the PayPal page you need to enter the appropriate amount of money. The PayPal notifications will identify who you are.



Contact Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church

Russell and Peter (see below) are also distributors of our presentation candles for weddings, baptisms, or any other special event you want them for.  For Compassion Candles, contact us by any of the above email addresses and we will work out how we can serve you best.


Chappy Sticks are no longer promoted or sold from this website, though we are still the Chappy Stick manufacturers.

All distribution of Chappy Sticks is done through our distributors:

Russell supplies to the greater Brisbane-Gold Coast region, and Peter looks after everywhere else in Queensland (and Australia, as necessary).